4 OTT Platforms with the Best Hindi Shows

All of us love immersing ourselves in big screen big budget superhero movies [or other genres, if that is what you are interested in – no judgment in creative spaces!], watching soap dramas on television or streaming shows, and listening to popular as well as indie music. But how do we access all these things? Via technology, of course! That is why modern companies like Elegant Media are doing all they can to increase our enjoyment from these sources of entertainment.

One of the main things that streaming and over the top platforms need to do is target the right content to the most interested user who is likely to like what they see on their screen. This is very difficult to do manually, which is why artificial intelligence design is used widely in this way.

So without further ado here are 4 streaming platforms who have done very well in terms of creating and targeting hindi content at audiences in India to keep them glued for more!

Disney Plus Hotstar

The new name of Star Network after Fox was acquired by Disney, this platform is chock a block with so much content that only Netflix seems like it has more – but maybe it does not. Star has been a major cable service channel in India since the nineties when cable first began in india. 

That is why they have a huge collection of old shows and movies and content. They also keep adding movies under their Multiplex brand, and series under their Specials brand. On top of all this, they also have Quiz, which are short series of even shorter episodes, funny, sad, or other. 

Netflix India

Netflix has pulled out all the stops in making Hindi content for Indian audiences. They made so many movies and shows that it seems like overkill. But melodrama sells like hot cakes in india. No wonder that they can afford to make and release movies and series every month because some one or the other will watch it, whether they rant about it later on social media or not is a different issue altogether. Sacred Games and Ozark might serve as two radically opposite examples of Indian and western concepts as portrayed on the silver / LED screen these days.

Sony LIV

Amitabh Bachchan refuses to slow down, hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati throughout the days of every week to entertain us since here we are now, like Nirvana sang. Apart from the quiz show, Sony also has a lot of Hindi content like Gullak which is a family comedy, old shows like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah from its Sony Entertainment Network channels, and Salt City which is a new drama series starring some good actors and based in the Maximum City.


Voot was great for the lockdown with funchallaegnes that promised an iPhone 11 (which was still new in 2020) but finally fell flat on its face due to an incapable hostess who under-delivered. Nevertheless, it was quite a draw among the simple minded crowd who watch Big Boss and other vulgar shows that play on the weak and the undereducated by making them watch hits.