5 Buildings That Are Beautifying Mumbai’s Skyline

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is India’s financial city. People usually leave their homes and come here in the hope to fulfil their dreams. The boom in population has resulted in builders constructing tall skyscrapers beautifying Mumbai’s skyline. In fact, Mumbai has the 5th highest number of skyscrapers in the world.

If you are looking to buy luxury apartments in Mumbai, consider investing in these skyscrapers. Apart from providing a drooling view of the city, these buildings provide the best designs and world-class amenities. But with so many options, you might get confused about deciding which building is the best.

And so, we have carefully selected the five tallest buildings in Mumbai that you should consider when buying a home.

The 5 Tallest Buildings with the Best Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

Nathani Heights in Mumbai Central

Standing at 262 metres tall, Nathani Heights is one of the tallest iconic creations of Nathani Group-Nathani Supariwala Realty. Offering a perfect 360-degree view of the city, this project has 73 floors with only 118 housing units available, making it one of the most exclusive buildings in Mumbai. Additionally, it is one of the few green buildings in the residential category.

SD The Imperial Edge

Constructed in 2010, SD The Imperial Edge, is one of Mumbai’s tallest buildings standing at 254m with 60 floors. This project is in Tardeo and was designed by architect Hafeez Contractor. This project offers the residents high-class amenities making it one of the best choices for people looking for luxury apartments in Mumbai.

Crescent Bay Tower in Parel

Crescent Bay Tower is another magnificent addition to Mumbai’s tallest apartments. It is an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) Pre-Certified Silver Rated residential property. Jointly constructed by L&T Realty and Omkar, this project offers some of Mumbai’s most opulent luxury apartments. The tower is constructed on a raised pedestal offering breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and the city skyline.

Omkar 1973 in Worli

When speaking about the tallest buildings in Mumbai, one cannot afford to miss out on mentioning Omkar 1973. Boasting two towers, A and B, that rise to a height of 267m and 266m respectively, these buildings have 73 floors and offer a great view of the city. This project offers the most lavish amenities you could want from a luxury apartment in Mumbai.

K Raheja Modern Vivarea in Mahalakshmi

If you are looking for a luxury apartment in Mumbai, you should definitely give this project a consideration. Considered a beacon of luxury and opulence, K Raheja Modern Vivarea is spread across 15 acres of land. This project is rife with masterful architecture and a mesmerising design. It offers some of the most captivating views of the city and provides you with top-class amenities such as a spa, restaurant, swimming pool and more.  

Given above are only a few of the many skyscrapers that you can find in Mumbai. All of these have world-class amenities, excellent connectivity and a plethora of different features that make them stand out. With that said, one common thing that all of them provide is a breathtaking view of the city. So, the next time you are in the market to buy a luxury apartment in Mumbai, be sure to give these projects serious consideration. Believe us, and you will not be disappointed!