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People suffer burn injuries in numerous accidents in Los Angeles. Not only are burn injuries excruciatingly painful, but you can also expect extreme scarring, which may mean disfigurement and numerous surgeries, especially if you have suffered second and third-degree burns. If the accident was a result of someone’s negligence, you could recover compensation for your losses, including medical bills. You need to engage a Los Angeles burn injury attorney at the earliest to ensure that you don’t miss out on the legal options. Here’s what you need to know.

The role of attorneys explained

Just because you are a burn injury victim doesn’t always mean you can seek compensation. California’s personal injury laws are often complex and hard to understand. You need to have evidence to prove that the defendant was responsible for the mishap and the consequent injuries you have suffered to get a favorable verdict. Because things are often complex and no party would want to admit fault, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer who takes up such claims. A skilled burn injury lawyer can do the following for you –

  1. Evaluate whether you have a valid injury claim
  2. Review the facts to determine what your burn injury claim is worth
  3. Gather evidence from sources to add heft to your case
  4. Ensure that all deadlines are adhered to
  5. File an insurance claim for you and take care of the claims process
  6. Ensure that the paperwork is done right
  7. File a lawsuit when required
  8. Find experts and professionals to support your case
  9. Use accident reconstruction experts when needed

How much do burn injury lawyers cost in LA?

Victims with burn injuries often don’t want to seek legal help because they are worried about the costs. The good news is most lawyers take up burn injury claims without an hourly rate. Even when you meet the lawyer to discuss what the case is worth, there is no initial fee. Only when you win a settlement, the lawyer gets to charge a part of it, which is a fixed percentage and is called a contingency fee. The attorney will ensure that you get a fair outcome, no matter what kind of situation you are dealing with, and while there are no guarantees, you don’t have to risk money either.

If you think your burn injuries resulted from the negligence of another party, contact an attorney immediately. The lawyer can ensure that you are aware of your rights. 

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