How to be a great educator

Do you remember any of your teachers or professors who had a great impact on your life? Well, all of us remember at least one educator from our schools or colleges who was inspirational. Their classes were not a burden for the students and learning was fun. They made us understand even the toughest concept more thoroughly. Students actually respected and listened to them. But it is not a piece of cake to gain respect from your students. Anyone can become a teacher but not everyone becomes a great educator. In this article, we will tell you how to become a great educator. These tips can work for both online and offline educators.

Elaborate in a way students can relate 

The best quality of any educator is the ability to explain any concept in the Layman’s language, that even the slow learners can understand. You might use visualization techniques for that. Students can take interest in class if they see the relevance of the topic in real-life. So, you can also try to give real-life examples for better understanding. They would like to learn the subject if they can apply it in the real world. 

Communicate well in class 

A great educator is always a great communicator. Communication is the only way to find where the student is facing problems and why. Be a reachable teacher that any student can rely upon. Let go of your stiffness, and be more friendly with them. A very strict teacher can sometimes inhibit the growth of the students. A little humor, regular communication, and simplified lectures can greatly make your class engaging. So, try to be calm and communicate with each student, if possible. 

Make learning a habit

It is being said that there are only two types of professionals who need to learn throughout their lives, teachers and lawyers. There are lots of concepts that are updated with time. So, a good educator should have deep knowledge of their subject. Students respect the teachers who are the experts in a subject. If you have proper knowledge of a subject, there are some best platform to sell courses online. You can sell your courses and connect with more students online. 

Collaborate and engage all

Great educators can engage almost all the students in the classroom. You can collaborate with staff, teaching assistants, or fellow teachers to organize any activities. Teaching means you are not alone and you’ll always have to execute great ideas with a team. You can say that you are a good educator if no student feels left out in your class. Encourage group discussions and group engagements.

Be a good listener 

A real educator is also a good listener. There are lots of doubts and queries of students that they can’t ask or are afraid to ask. The communication between teachers and students cannot be great if teachers cannot observe and listen to them. Sometimes teachers might pick up what’s going on in a student’s mind just by observing and listening to them. The education system is not the same as before and there is a lot of pressure on students. So, students want to be heard and friendly with their teachers. 

Experiment with different teaching styles 

Making a class fun is a challenge that most teachers face nowadays. Some are following the same old way of teaching for years. If you want to be a great educator, try different teaching styles. You can try to find the best way to teach students from different age groups. Now with the help of technology, you can make them understand a concept through infographics or videos. There are some of the best platforms for selling online courses where you can upload your courses and try to find out what interests students in the lecture. 

Ask for feedback 

Asking for feedback from students can greatly help you improve your teaching style. It also gives a good impression that you care about your profession and are passionate about teaching. Sometimes students might give great ideas of how they want to be taught. 

Teachers bear the responsibility to create a better future for a nation. Teaching has indeed been difficult nowadays. Educators might feel overwhelmed while controlling the class. But if you can make students feel heard and make them understand in non-conventional ways, they would always pay attention to your classes. Hope these tips gave you some ideas about how to become a great educator.