How To Become An Actuary?

Are you searching about how to become an actuary as you are interested in maths and numbers? Then here I will tell you all about the career of an actuary. In this article, we will see how you can become an actuary by profession. I will describe every step in detail so that you will come to know each of the things easily. You would like the know the courses and the certification that you will need to become an actuary. So without wasting more time let us start with how to become an actuary. 

How To Become An Actuary?

Let us see about the steps that you shall know for how to become an actuary. You will get a general idea about the career by reading them.

  1. Learning right high school subjects
  2. Getting a degree.
  3. Apprenticeship in actuary.
  4. Find a trainee role.
  5. Prepare for exams.
  6. Get Entry Level Job.

Steps To Become An Actuary

Here are I have explained the steps on how to become an actuary in detail. Please read them carefully so you will understand them easily.

  1. Learning Right High School Subjects

You will need to learn the subjects for the actuary that is mostly about numbers, records, and statistics. As a consequence, it is important to have a good handle on Mathematics and Statistics to have a fruitful career in it. Commerce combined with Mathematics or Science combined with Mathematics You should have good actuarial science knowledge so that you will get help from it. This also helps in taking further admission to the college and learning more deeply about the actuary.

  1. Getting A Degree.

There are no clear graduation standards, but bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Statistics are recommended for the actuary profession. It will help you to develop a solid base in mathematics, probability concepts, analytical and problem-solving skills, and statistics, all of which are important for Actuarial practices. The master’s degree will allow you to work specifically in this area immediately after completing the master’s courses. However, it is also recommended to complete Actuarial Science levels as well.

  1. Apprenticeship In Actuary.

You can go for the training of the actuary after your degree completion. As there are a variety of actuarial apprenticeships open for the learners. The apprenticeship will get you started on the path to becoming a professionally trained Certified Actuarial Analyst CAA. This will help you in getting good scores at the time of the exams and help you in learning more about the actuary. You will be comfortable after the apprenticeship as you will get nice experience in the training.

  1. Find A Trainee Position.

As the trainee position in actuary will help you in bringing your exam qualifications into practice and will provide you with the work experience needed to apply as an Associate. Many employers can provide you with research assistance and pay for your tests. Trainee entrance criteria can differ depending on the contractor and the particular position. This will be a beneficial point for you as you can complete your practice conveniently. Your skills will be developed more if you go for the trainee role.

  1. Prepare For Exams.

You will need to prepare for the exams further for being an actuary. You can register for membership in a specialist actuarial body as soon as you complete the undergraduate degree. After that, you will begin your qualification process by taking their courses and passing exams. If you want to be an actuary, you can try to take one or two of the exams that would be expected before you graduate. You will need to get the actuary certification after the completion of the exams.

  1. Get Entry Level Job.

You can get an entry-level job with the above things. However, if you have to get more experienced in the field of actuary then you can choose the SOA and CAS as the dream job of your life. Then you will have to go for more courses and exams with the job experience as an actuary. Don’t leave in further as below I have mentioned more important information about how to become an actuary in the actuary profession.

Skills Of An Actuary

The skills that an actuary should have are mentioned below. You would like to know them so please have a look at them.

  • The actuary person should have good mathematics knowledge and skills.
  • They should be able to do calculus, statistics, and probability easily.
  • They need to keep analytical records.
  • Project management should be done carefully by them.
  • They must have problem-solving skills.
  • There should be good communication skills in them.
  • The knowledge regarding computer use should be nice.

Responsibilities Of An Actuary

There are some responsibilities of an actuary that I have given in the following please read them.

  • They should create accounting plans and ensure that the company has sufficient funds.
  • They must choose the interest rate that would be paid to consumers under insurance plans.
  • They should check the insurance liabilities to reduce losses.
  • The prediction of the prevalence of various diseases among various populations to integrate risks when developing insurance plans.
  • The risk management should be done by them for the company’s financial planning.
  • They have to compile the data and the information of the statistics and analytics properly.
  • They have to design a plan for everything carefully as it is all numbers data.

How To Become An Actuary Without A Degree?

Here are the things that you will need to do for becoming an actuary without a degree, however it is impossible. To become an actuary you will need a bachelor’s degree in the special subjects of mathematics and statistics. You will also need to give several exams for becoming an actuary.

There is also a need for the certifications of the courses that you complete.

How To Become An Actuary After College?

The method for how to become an actuary after college is the following things.

  1. Getting a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Apprenticeship in actuary.
  3. Find a trainee position job.
  4. Prepare for exams.
  5. Get Entry Level Job.

Actuary Certification

You can get many actuary certificates from the SOA actuaries and the CAS actuaries

SOA certifies in the areas of life insurance, health care plans, retirement systems, finance and management, and finance and investment. The CAS certifications protect the car, tenants, medical malpractice, employee compensation, and serious injury liability in the property and casualty sector.

To pass a series of exams conducted by one of two professional bodies that are Casualty Actuarial Society or the Society of Actuaries for associate status. These societies conduct a series of six actuarial science exams that usually take four to six years to complete, as well as a series of three exams that take another two to three years to complete the certification.

Actuary Course

You can go for the following courses in the actuary.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science.
  • Bachelor degree in Actuarial science
  • Master’s degree in Actuarial science.
  • Master’s program in Insurance Business.
  • MBA in Actuarial science.
  • Master of Science in Actuarial Statistics

Specialization In Actuary

There are a few specializations that you can do in the field of Actuary. I have mentioned it in the following.

  • Property And Casualty Actuary.
  • Life Insurance Actuary.
  • Pricing Actuary.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Actuary.
  • Investment Actuary.
  • Finance Actuary.
  • Health Insurance Actuary.
  • Pension Actuary.


How Many Years Does It Take To Become An Actuary?

It takes about 7 to 10 years to become an actuary. At this time you have to complete your bachelor’s degree within a time of 3 and 5 years and. And after that, you have to get the experience of the actuary job. You have to clear all of the actuarial exams in the time of 7 to 8 years.

Do Actuaries Get Paid Well?

Yes, actuary persons get well paid for their job. They may earn up to $100000 or more per annum. Hence they get a good salary, however, it also depends upon the experience of the person.

How Hard Is It To Become An Actuary?

The exams that you need to give for becoming an actuary are very tough. These are the series of exams called Actuarial exams. Where you need to solve the questions related to mathematics and statistics which are hard. Also, a time of 7 to 10 years is required for becoming a good actuary.

What GPA Do You Need To Be An Actuary?

To become an actuary you will require a 3.2 GPA. This is the minimum criteria suggested by the potential employers is that you should have a 3.2 GPA and one actuarial exam to be passed. Also, the other skills and requirements should be good so that you will get a nice actuary job.

Is Actuary A Stressful Job?

Actuary tops the list as the least stressful job with an average salary over $100,000. Actuaries often work with companies to help predict risk, create business policy and minimize costs. Typically, actuaries possess a Bachelor’s degree and more than six years of experience.

Do Actuaries Do A Lot Of Math?

“Actuarial exams, which are required to be passed to become a certified actuary, require more advanced math … An excellent understanding of calculus, algebra, and advanced statistics is required to pass them,” said Fried.

Can Actuaries Make 500k?

Earn while you learn.

Actuaries are well compensated. Experienced fellows have the potential to earn from $150,000 to $250,000 annually, and many actuaries earn more than that. Compensation may vary significantly according to years of experience, industry, geographic region, and responsibilities.

Which Field Of Actuary Is Best?

Generally, the highest-paying job with a degree in actuarial science is actuarial fellow in the area of property and casualty insurance, followed by actuarial science roles in other areas of the field, like life, health and pension.

Is Actuary A Lot Of Math?

“Actuarial exams, which are required to be passed to become a certified actuary, require more advanced math … An excellent understanding of calculus, algebra, and advanced statistics is required to pass them,” said Fried.


Now you got an overall idea about how to become an actuary. As in this article, we studied the steps for becoming an actuary. You came to the basic requirements for being an actuary that I mentioned in the upside. We learned the important things which will help you in the future for becoming a good actuary. What kinds of exams are there in the actuary was told by me to you for better understanding. How you can get a job for the position of an actuary was explained to you. These were all the things that you should know about how to become an actuary.

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