How To Get The Maximum Cooling From Your Car AC?


On the hot summer days, you can feel the shiny sun rays but when you open the car door to get outside, you will feel the gust of hot flash and air tingle. The interior of your car will heat up when you park your car under the scorching hot summer sun. 

But not while using cars in summers it has become quite bearable now for the modern technologies. Also, you can buy a car condenser from The invention of ACs in the car is the most relieving and useful feature in the automobile sphere. 

During summers in India, most of the states have scorching and humid weather. In the traditional times, people had to scroll down their windows for ventilation and to be around natural air and had to go through the humidity and hot flash when the car moved on. 

The most desirable system in the car is the AC. It is quite simple to make the maximum effect from the AC system of your car. You have to change some of your habits and follow a few steps for your vehicle and you can get the maximum cooling from your car AC. In this article, we will discuss how you can get the maximum cooling from the AC in your car.

Go low:

You can save fuel and dry out the air a few times if you fix the temperature at the lowest as the fan will make the AC of your vehicle more efficient. The air is cooled at 38 degrees in an air conditioning system. You will force the AC system to heat the cool air if you adjust the temperature at a higher rate. This requires more fuel and effort.

Don’t re-circulate:

You should turn on the recirculation system when you notice that your AC system is blowing cool air. You have to switch off the recirculation mode once you carry passengers in the back seat. This pulls the air back through the AC system by taking it from the front of the cabin. 

So the air can get stale when everyone cools up in the front. This method works when you use the air from the cab inside. With maximum effort, you can have your car get maximum coolness through this. 

Turn off stop/start:

You should switch off the auto start/stop system if you have purchased a new car. This system keeps the AC compressor of your car shut down the engine from running for most cars. 

The turning off stop/start system saves fuel. You can notice in the humid weather that when you are stuck in lengthy traffic, the air lacks to cool up quickly. 

Ensure that the filter is clean:

Ensure to check the air filter of your cabin is clean when you get the chance next time. An optimal airflow can be prevented by a dirty air filter. The air filters are easy to check in brand new cars. 

It will be time to change when you notice dirt accumulated on it. The air filter is easy to replace and you can do it yourself to save money. Generally, the air filter is behind the glove compartment in brand new cars.

Auto climate control:

You set the temperature at a lower rate will not cool the automotive quicker if you have the automatic climate control system. Most systems do the adjustment of temperature automatically for you to set it and it does not matter if you forget about it.

Parking in the shade:

The most traditional way to get the maximum coolness in your car during the summer days is through parking it under a tree or shade. You should wait for some time if you park your car under the scorching sun before you drive the car or hit the road. 

You will not have anxiety for the car to heat up. At times, the paint on your car is affected by the sun because of the extreme rain and heat. So, you should part your car in shade to get the maximum cooling and not fade the paint of your car. Also, you can purchase auto parts from boodmo.

 Drop down the windows:

You should drop the windows of your car down if you fail to find a parking area under the shade so that the circulation of air forms. Your car will eventually heat up as this process restricts the greenhouse gases from producing. Also, you can purchase a sunshade can for your car to restrict the sunlight from entering. 


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we could help you with how you can get the maximum cooling from the AC in your car that we mentioned above after thorough research for you. 

Most people think that maximum cooling depends on the costly tools and appropriate maintenance of their vehicle. But in reality, it is different. The minor habits are necessary to determine the maximum cooling effect that you must regularly follow. 

You can check out the habits to follow daily before you start looking through the technical parts to get the maximum cooling from the AC of your car. 

You must keep cleaning the AC dust, auto parts like the fans and condenser coil and take good care of the ventilation. By following our tips, you can make your AC work better than before and get the maximum cooling effect.



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