How to understand maths better: tips for students

Mathematical knowledge is very important for everyone. To better understand the world around us, the big discoveries, inventions,  and other academic subjects we all need to have good mathematics knowledge. And this is the main reason to introduce mathematics as an academic subject for the students. From completing daily errands such as buying the necessities,  paying, managing bank accounts, counting the goods to choosing it as a career or profession, maths helps students in numerous ways.

 Mastering logical reasoning, quantitative analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking can be improved by studying maths. But many students have a fear of this subject. Maths fears, anxieties, and confusions are the common problems of many students. Let us discuss some effective tips by which students can make maths interesting and easy to study for themselves. 

Understand maths better: 4 best tips to follow 

Tip 1 – Start with the examples 

The best way to understand mathematics better is to start with examples first. The major mistake that all students make is that without solving the examples, solved questions they directly jump to the complex exercises of the lessons. Mathematics questions can also be understood properly when students start with examples or solved answers first. Solving examples have several benefits 

  • It helps students to get familiar with the concepts and formulae that will be used in solving complex problems. 
  • By solving examples effectively, the interest level of the students in learning maths is increased to a great extent. Also by getting the right answers to the examples, the confidence level of the students is increased. 
  • The increased interest and confidence level enhances the mathematical skills of the students. They later solve complex math problems easily. 

When students simply jump to the complex question, the lack of accuracy in the answers discourages them. Because of this students develop maths fear and anxiety. For solving examples students can access a lot of material. Worksheets on an education app, guides, main textbooks are some resources that students can use in this regard. 

Tip 2 –  use technical aids 

Today with the growing technology, difficult tasks can be completed with a few clicks and taps. Mathematics can be understood better with the help of technical aids available nowadays. There are various online resources that students can use for making maths easy and interesting for themselves. From here students can find maths questions, solutions, applications, maths puzzles with answers, riddles, and much more. 

  • Use educational videos: on youtube, and online teaching sites, students can easily find many lessons and videos to understand. These audio-visual tools help in making concepts clear in the minds. 
  • Flashcards, picture cards, online maths quizzes, modules, and presentations can also be accessed by an education app. 

Tip 3 – practice is the key 

The toughest of the tasks can be made easy for one, after continuous practice. The key to the lock of better maths understanding is practice. By studying every day, and regularly solving the math concepts, all the students can become successful in this subject. Not only for academic scores but good mathematical skills are also required for everyday work and life. The students who don’t focus on maths regularly face issues such as wrong calculations, poor time management, and difficulty in managing economic expenses. To understand this subject better, students must not forget regular practice. 

  • Make a timetable that involves the self-study of maths every day. Mathematics is a subject which is full of applications and hence regular studies are important. 
  • Read the concepts. Reading the definition, theorems, explanations, and examples given in the mathematics chapter is very important. Read and mark whatever you find helpful. 
  • On a daily basis, revise and practice the sums that were covered in the classes. This will prevent students from lagging. You can also solve math puzzles with answers available on the internet and many online math sites. 

Tip 4 –  have a positive attitude 

Yes, studying maths is challenging for many. Since it is full of applications and concepts, a lot of practice and patience are required. Students get demotivated and discouraged very soon. Not getting correct answers, confusion in the concepts, and small errors make students worried. This develops negative thoughts and overthinking. To prevent this from happening, all students must focus on having a positive attitude while learning maths. 

  • Focus on your actions. Practice as much as you can and avoid the habit of overthinking. 
  • Talking and sharing your thoughts with teachers, friends can be really helpful for staying positive. Discuss the preparation plans and innovative ways to solve maths. Whenever confused about anything, discuss it with your teachers.


Having a good understanding and knowledge of mathematics is very important for the students. With the help of good mathematical skills, not only academic performance but also everyday lives and career opportunities for the students will also get better. By following the above-mentioned tips, students will be able to overcome their maths fear and anxieties. They can foster their maths solving skills by following and practicing these tips. 



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