Hybrid Learning

Before the pandemic the offline and online learning methods were separate from each other, some learners took online classes and courses and some students went to schools and colleges. However, it all changed when the pandemic hit the world, as it shifted the whole learning process to the online mode. Teachers all over the world were using different online teaching tools to take classes and students were learning from their homes. This method of learning helped a lot during the whole pandemic period when schools and colleges were shut down. But as life is getting back on track, schools and colleges are reopening, now students don’t want to go fully offline learning, some because of the comfort provided by online learning others because of better learning through online methods. That is why the hybrid method of learning is being adopted by schools and colleges. 

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid learning is the synchronous way of learning, where the lectures are conducted in both offline and online mode at the same time. The students are given the choice to attend lectures either from the classroom (offline) or from home (online), the teacher teaches from the classroom where some students are present physically and others watch the lecture with the help of a webcam broadcasting the live classes to them. 

Benefits of Hybrid Learning

Provides Choice to Learners: The best benefit of hybrid learning is that it gives the choice of method of learning to the students. Some students can’t attend regular offline classes because of reasons but with hybrid learning, they can attend their lectures online if they want and when they think it is suitable to attend the offline classes they can come to school too. This choice brings flexibility for the learners as now they can learn from wherever they are comfortable because of hybrid learning.

Variation: Hybrid learning brings variation not only in the learning method but also to the learning resources, as in hybrid learning teachers not only use traditional resources like books, blackboards etc. but also online tools and resources like Powerpoint presentations, tutorials or animated videos and teachers also share ebooks with students to study for extra-material or reference. This variation makes the learning engaging and interesting for the students. 

Self-Paced Learning: In offline learning, students are not provided with the option of learning at their own pace as they are expected to understand the topic at once in that limited period of 30-45 minutes of lecture. But in hybrid learning teachers teach at a suitable pace and even if a student doesn’t understand something they could connect with the teachers through face-to-face contact or can connect with them online via email or chatbox, this also facilitates better communication between teachers and students.

Affordable: As the inflation rates are rising each year, the cost of education is increasing too, making it expensive and inaccessible for the students coming from weaker financial backgrounds. But hybrid learning is making it easier for such students to have access to better and affordable education, in hybrid learning students are not required to come to school or colleges regularly thus, their fees are less expensive and they also don’t need expensive textbooks too as theta re-provide with online learning material like tutorial videos, digital notes or e-books to learn from. 

Ease for Teachers:  Teachers play a crucial role in learning, regardless of the method of learning when teachers are provided with better teaching conditions, they teach better. Hybrid education provides that to teachers, under this learning method teachers have accessibility to wider teaching resources that they can use to create better lesson plans and with the involvement of technology, teachers have better connectivity with students allowing them to understand students’ queries, problems and learning needs better. Hybrid learning also helps teachers in several tasks like taking attendance using an automated attendance app, or grading and creating papers using online test creation tools. 

Facilitates Self-learning: As we discussed in a point earlier that hybrid learning facilitates self-paced learning which makes students responsible for their learning and motivates them for self-learning, and self-evaluation, just like motivational quotes for students motivate them to do better and keep going towards their goals.


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