Is working in Dubai worth it?

Many people decide to travel to work from their country to various other countries and cities around the world when they are not satisfied with the level of working conditions in their home country. There are a lot of such countries with such conditions, as well as those who want to work in a country other than their own. One of the popular destinations for work is the UAE. People come to this country, and in particular to the city of Dubai, because in this city there are really good earning opportunities for foreign workers, provided that they have fulfilled all the legal conditions for obtaining a job, and in general they work legally and are in the country, which is very important .

It is difficult to answer unequivocally the question “Is it good to work in Dubai”, since each employee who came there has his own individual experience of working in this place. It can be both good and sharply negative. Much actually depends on what kind of work a person worked, how they found it, how they processed all the permits and documents, and so on. But I will try to answer the question, is it worth working in Dubai, spending your time and effort on it, or is it better to find another place to make your dreams come true?

Where can you find the best jobs in Dubai?

Thanks to the Internet, people from all over the world have the opportunity to change their whole lives and go to work in another country. For such persons, many sites have been created that give all employers the opportunity to post the vacancies that they have available for people from all over the world, or for people from a particular region or country. You can get acquainted with all currently available jobs in Dubai at the link On this site it is quite easy to find a job that will suit you the most and where you can work without any problems. You can also find many job openings on various other sites that specialize in jobs and everything related to work in all fields. If you are interested in the opinion of those who have already worked in the place you are interested in, you can find reviews on various blogs or pages on social networks where people share their experiences.

What kind of work awaits foreigners upon arrival in Dubai?

Despite the very common stereotypes about working in the UAE, which indicate that this place is rather unattractive for ordinary workers, in fact, the work here is at a high level, and there is a lot of it for people with completely different levels, or even education, experience. work and other important indicators for employers. With due efforts, work here can easily be found, for example, in large corporations that are known all over the world and are engaged in very important matters. Salaries in such places are usually more than satisfactory, and working conditions are also good, but the requirements for workers are very high, and even more so for foreigners. And in order to work there, you will definitely have to make a lot of effort.

And there is another type of work in which education and work experience are not so obligatory, and most often foreigners from poor countries go to work for such jobs. For example, it can be such a job as a cook, waiter, mechanic, builder, cleaner or assistant in any office, that is, any job where a university education is not needed. Such jobs are very popular, especially among people from poor Asian countries, since getting to them is quite simple, and employers do not have very high demands on employees. And even in such places of work, people’s salaries are quite high and are able to satisfy all the needs of workers. And if you are lucky, and you have very high levels of education and qualifications, then you can easily get the job of your dreams, and receive high pay for your work.

What do I need to apply to come to work in the UAE?

Each employer around the world, including in Dubai, has its own individual requirements and different preferences in people for all employees. Therefore, whether you can work in the end depends not only on you and your qualities, but also on the preferences of the employer individually, or the one who replaces him, for example, a manager or HR. But there are basic requirements for all potential employees, which are necessary for absolutely everyone who is going to work for any job in Dubai.

  1. Proficiency in English. It is a popular language that is used in many countries around the world, and it is especially common in the Gulf countries. In all these countries, it is very widespread and used in many places, since in all these countries there are many visitors from countries from all over the world, and English is the most accessible language for communication in this area. This is why you need to know it well enough so that you can comfortably communicate in this language with the outside world. Arabic knowledge would also be nice, but not entirely necessary for most jobs.
  2. Availability of work experience and education necessary for work. This requirement applies mainly to high-paying skilled jobs, but you need to understand that having work experience and the right specialty is necessary so that you can do your job correctly, and in accordance with international standards, you can learn to work according to which you can during your training .

For jobs that do not require a diploma, sometimes you just need work experience, but little is required. For simple vacancies, the required work experience is usually from 1 to 3 years, since not all employers want to teach the employee how to work correctly. But fortunately, there are vacancies for those who do not yet have experience in working in this vacancy. This is usually a very good opportunity for graduates of universities or schools who do not yet have work experience, as they did not have time to get it, to find themselves a good job and discover their future in the UAE.

What are the working conditions in Dubai?

If you came to work in Dubai absolutely legally, then you will definitely have good working conditions and a salary. In order to work legally, you need to apply for a visa, and it is advisable to collect all the necessary documents as quickly as possible in order to apply for a visa just as quickly. If you meet all the requirements of the country, get a visa, you will also need to obtain a work permit. If you have all the necessary permits, the employer simply cannot but give you the necessary working conditions and a good salary. Yes, living in Dubai is absolutely not cheap, but working there will bring a good income.

How much can I earn in Dubai?

The lowest salary for an ordinary worker will be from $500, which is quite small. But such a salary is usually received by janitors or someone with a similar skill level. People who work in higher positions can expect a salary of $1,000 per month or more. The best salaries are received by people with an excellent level of qualification, since the level of salary generally depends on this. In 2022, the average salary of all people in Dubai is about $4,000, which is generally a very good income.