Me, Find Your Nearby Jio Store, All Question’s Explained

After the launch of jio, company gained lots of customers. To provide them customer care service, jio opened their jio digital stores to provide customer service to their customers. You can find your nearby jio store, just search on google Jio Store Near Me. You will get details of your nearest Jio Gallary (store). Also you can check store by using store locator from link mentioned below.

Jio Store Locator

What Type Of Services Available In Jio Store

You will get all type of services from recharge to other internet related services. Like you can recharge your jio number, can buy other devices by jio ex. Jiofi, Jio Smartphones, Jiophone. Also you can ask for jio fiber connection, jio executive will assist you. Jio company entered in T.V sector and they have smart tv’s also, you can buy tv directly from store.

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How To Get Home Delivery Of Jio Sim From Store In Lockdown

You just need to book a appoinment. To book an appointment follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • Open the link to book apointment

Book Appointment

  •  Enter your personal details, like mobile number, your name and click generate otp.
  • After this you will recieve a OTP on your mobile, enter otp and it will ask you your address. That’s it.
  • A jio represetative will deliver the sim card at your doorstep. Just keep your documents ready for kyc and your sim card will be activated withinn 5 minutes.

Jio Customer Care Number

If you have any queries then, feel free to call jio customer care.

1800 889 9999

How To Replace Or Exchange Lost/Damaged Sim

If your sim lost then you can stop the service by visiting here. To get new sim card of same number you need to go your nearest jio store. You can search jio store by searching jio store near me, google will show you the store address, phone number etc. 25/- rs will be charged to get lost sim card replaced. You need the documents for kyc, so please carry documents while going to jio store.

What documents do I need to carry to get a Jio SIM?

To get new jio sim card you need some documents. Identity proof and address proof ex. Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport any one of them. Dont need to carry photo copy because all procedure is online.

What if I do not recharge monthly?

If you dont recharge in 90 days your sim connection can be deactivated. To avoid this recharge your number within plan expiry date.

Is Jio Store Open In Lockdown?

Yes, jio stores open in lockdown, but you cant visit the jio stores. If you want any services, product just go to and book what product you want. Then jio representative will deliver the product.

How To Get Jio Fiber Connection?

Jio fiber is new product launched from jio. You are paying internet bills, Dth bills now forget the traditional tehchnologies. Jio fiber is here. Just get jio fiber connection and use superfast internet speed, with jio fiber set top box. Just choose a monthly plan and use intenet connection plus jio set top box. You dont need to pay seprate bills now. Also you can browse youtube, other OTT platforms using jio set top box. To book jio fiber open the link below and fill the form.

Book Jio Fiber

What Are The Jio Fiber Plans

Monthly Plan Internet speed OTT
399/- 30 Mbps
699/- 100 Mbps
999/- 150 Mbps Yes
1499/- 300 Mbps Yes
2499/- 500 Mbps Yes
3999/- 1 Gbps Yes
8499/- 1 Gbps Yes

Check Full Plan Details Here 

Security Depposit For Jio Fiber

If you want to get jio fiber connection, you need to deposit a amount for security. If you just want jio fiber without set top box you have to deposit 1500/-. For jio fiber with set top box the security amount is 2500/-. Security deposit is refundable after the cancellation of jio fiber service.

Is Jio Giga fiber available in my area?

How to check, jio gigafiber is available in your area or not? Visit the link provided below. Enter your pincode city name, if jiofiber is available in your area you can book you fiber connection.

Jio Fiber Availability Check

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of jio ?

Ans- Joint Implementation Opportunites

Who is the Founder of Jio?

Ans- Mukesh Ambani 

What if i dont recharge my jio number?

Ans- If you dont recharge any plans in 90 days your jio number services will be stopped.

Can we carry yesterdays remaining data tommarrow in jio?

Ans- No, you cant carry yesterdays remaining data tomaarrow.

If you have any questions regarding jio services check FAQ’s here.

Conclusion- We provided information about how to find you nearest jio store just searching jio store near me on google. We also mentioned some people also ask question here. If you want other information you can visit Your all questions answers can be found here.

If you have any query/ suggestion regarding this article feel free to contact us on [email protected]. Thank You! Visit our blog again

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