Presenting The VSYS Host Streaming Server Configs

2023 is a perfect time to start streaming. It may be the coverage of your business life, city views, etc. Of course, the preparation process requires some steps regarding your country. But the main task is to choose the right optimal server. The VSYS Host provider will help you to choose

The basic facts about the streaming server

VSYS Host has only three dedicated plans for streaming. Each user considers the free installation and migration support for those who run from the competitor’s server due to frequent problems or our price is more flexible. Our team keeps an eye on DDoS development and counteracts them immediately. Besides, the 10 GBps port is everywhere for better streaming, but the real bandwidth may be much smaller.

As you see, the dedicated streaming configurations don’t have geographical classifications. It means we offer the service in all available data centers with the same conditions. That fact also suggests you get the server in the free slot. You can’t choose the location directly. So write us a ticket if it’s essential for you and here is why.

Data centers agenda

Kyiv became an irrevocable city in 2022, confirming its heroical past and future. Thanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the local data center continues to operate despite significant power cuts. Our team cooperates with electricity suppliers to guarantee a stable 99.97% uptime presence. But this data center sometimes lacks high bandwidth and sufficient infrastructure. It’s suitable to broadcast for and from Ukraine.

The Amsterdam data center is advantageous due to the vast network of intercontinental connectivity. Most servers consume renewable energy, so it doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Besides, the Netherlands didn’t ratify the DMCA act. You can order that equipment without a credit card for crypto. Protect yourself from copyright alerts.

The newly-built Seattle data center is located in the second technological oasis in the USA after Silicone Valley. It’s the perfect testbed for the new CPU and graphic cards.

The streaming configurations

The Pro Stream tariff is supported by E5-2620V3 CPU. There are 16 GB of DDR4 RAM with the potential to boost to 144. The default storage is 250 GB, but if you want to broadcast the small videos on demand, it’s configurable to 10 TB (5 SSD with 2 TB each capacity). The maximum channel load is 10 GBps (2 default).

The Premium Stream has 12 cores of the Dual E5-2670V3 central processor. 48 GB of DDR4 may increase to 176 GB of RAM. It contains a solid-state device with 250 GB of storage. The configuration suggests 2 GBps of the default bandwidth with a configuration potential of 10.

The incredible plan has full 10 GBps bandwidth. An E5-2670V3 processor doubles its power to satisfy 128 to 256 GB of RAM plus 250 GB of storage again. It gifts the full enjoyment from streaming video hosting. 4K or even 8K format without artifacts on the user’s side – what may be better? Only unlimited 10 GBps bandwidth for experiments!

There are also multiple individual options. Feel free to choose, combine and generate the virus content. For you. For the nation. For the world.