Some Modules Useful on Node.js

Web development is an attractive sector in this age. Various industries are changing their mode of operation when it comes to platforms. Every industry- from clothing, to finance are trying to set up their businesses online. Naturally, numerous companies require web developers. There are many advantages to these web developing tools like it’s quite easy receiving emails with Nodejs

Node.js is an asynchronous JavaScript runtime environment that builds fast and scalable network applications. It is a library that executes Javascript code outside the web browser and runs on the Chrome V8 engine. A cross-platform, open-source, back-end environment, it lets developers produce dynamic content for web pages and use Javascript for server-side scripting and writing command tools. It is lightweight and efficient since it uses a non-blocking and event-driven I/O model to create content on dynamic web pages. Node.js has the ability to run on various platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac Os, etc. Node.js offers a number of packages and libraries and there are some that can be very helpful. 

  • Express-

Considered the standard framework for node.js, express is a minimalist and flexible web framework that is easily available on the npm registry. It is a server inspired by Sinatra and includes various plug-ins as features that are suitable for both web and mobile application development. It is very easy to create a strong API with the help of HTTP utility methods and middleware. Well-known frameworks such as Feathers, Port, Kraken, Sails, etc. are built on express. 

  • Gulp-

Gulp is an open-source toolkit for node.js that helps enhance and automate the workflow. It lets the developer use code over configuration by allowing tasks to be written using personal code, tasks can be focused and later composed into larger operations, or chained single-purpose plugins. Gulp also reduces repetition which provides accuracy and speed. With gulp, multiple transformations can be made on the file before it’s written to the disk which also accelerates the building process. There are also community plugins available suitable for various small jobs which can be built in each other to achieve the perfect result. 

  • Lodash-

Lodash is a library for javascript providing utility functions by using the paradigm called functional programming.Node.js has many capabilities apart from receiving emails with Nodejs which is made possible by these modules. It lets programmers create a maintainable and brief javascript. It does so by providing modular methods that help with functions- like binding and decorating, string- like conversion functions and trimming, array- like splitting and combining, objects like accessing and transforming, and many more. 

Many such modules are available which help in various parts that might be required in a project like manipulating images, generating sprite sheets, format dates, process HTML files, and many more. Even though receiving emails with Nodejs is considered a great feature, there are many features that can be accompanied once you learn to tackle node js for application development. Once you’re familiar with application development with such a popular framework, your success is inevitable. 

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