Tips for Indian Students Who Wish to Study for MBA in Abroad

An MBA in abroad can bring many new opportunities to your future career. It’s always a great idea for average Indian students who have done their graduation and aren’t sure what to do. However, every MBA aspirant has to deal with queries like – Which is the best destination for MBA abroad for Indian students? What are the best MBA courses abroad? What are the various requirements to enrol for such a course?

Why study MBA in abroad?

It would be best if you considered many factors when deciding to study for MBA in abroad

Global factor: An MBA abroad gives you enough exposure to different cultures and business methods. Moreover, you also get a diverse and global perspective on how business networking takes place.

Multiple opportunities: MBA abroad can immensely benefit you in terms of valuable networking opportunities and help you build an international professional community.

Language skills: 

You get a chance to improve your language skills while doing MBA abroad. It is a valuable skill in today’s global business market, where you must interact with people worldwide. 

Getting a degree from a Top-ranked University:  Almost every top business school worldwide is located abroad. Studying for your MBA abroad in one of these schools will help you to a highly respected degree that can open new career opportunities.

Personality development: Besides bringing professional development, pursuing an MBA abroad can also be a great opportunity for personality growth since you can live in a new country and culture.

Considering these important benefits, pursuing an MBA abroad can be a great investment in your future growth and personal development. As per Graduate Admissions Council (GMAC) 2020 survey, around 81% of Indian students wish to study abroad, up from 76% previously. 

Indian students have many options for high-quality MBA degrees in countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. However, you need to consider factors such as the type of university, quality of the MBA program, cost of living, and employment prospects. Suppose you have chosen Canada; you should know MBA in Canada requirements.

MBA in Canada requirements

You may be one of the thousands of students interested in doing an MBA abroad, but you need to know how to go ahead. If you are still wondering how to do an MBA abroad and what are the MBA in Canada requirements. We’ll! You will get answers to all your queries. 

There are a few eligibility requirements you should consider before securing a place at a business school in Canada:

1) Certificate of a Bachelor’s degree

2) A good GMAT or GRE score, in some cases

3) Proof of English proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL

4) Minimum work experience, depending on the school

5) Letters of recommendation (LOR) from previous College or university and details of employment

6) The admission committee will invite you to the business school for a personal interview once your documents are approved. However, the interview can take place online as well as offline mode. 

7) Being an international student, you will need to apply for a Student Visa visa which will also entitle you to the usual benefits available to students in that country.

MBA in abroad without GMAT

If you want to avoid taking the GMAT exam, some business schools in Canada have waived the GMAT score requirement for admission into an MBA course. It’s advisable to check the admissions criteria for each business school to see whether it requires a GMAT score, work experience, or something else. You should also check whether you are supposed to submit additional documents.