Tips to create youtube videos to grow your channel

You have a YouTube Channel, and you upload videos. It’s a great thing in itself. People can find your content fast and engage with you much better than elsewhere. On the list of the web’s most visited sites, YouTube stands second. Your videos are up there for people to view. And a lot of people are viewing video content on the platform.

But it is not enough. Agreed that you know how to make YouTube videos, and you make great ones. But to increase subscription and viewers, you must promote your channel.

With the massive content available on YouTube, you need to stand out for people to notice. Or people must have your URL to look for your content. 

In this blog, you will learn the tricks of creative video making to grow your channel.

The Keyword Holds the Key 

The trick to more views is to create videos on topics with search demand. You then build the video— around keywords. When you include keywords naturally into your video content and add closed captions, YouTube picks it up. Use the keyword to optimize your title and description. That will draw more traffic to your uploads.

Here is what you must do:

Topics with the Highest Ranking

Decide on a topic for your video and check the ranking for it. It is better to narrow down your search because broad subjects have an enormous search volume. They will attract a lot of audiences too.

But the audience may not be relevant to you or your product. A super-niche will not help you either because it will attract lesser views. The solution is to find a keyword with the highest rank.  

Search Volume and Generate Ideas

Use the keyword research tools that you are most comfortable working with and give the best results. By the search volumes, learn what people look for concerning your topic. Get a list of keywords to generate keyword ideas.

Find your Competitor

Look for YouTubers from the niche you want to target. Ensure that they have a large number of subscribers. They are your competitors. Look through their videos and check the ones with the highest traffic.

You will know if you are on the right track. The fundamental principle here is failure to target keywords with search volume means no views.

Titles Make a Difference 

Quality video content with a terrible title gives you no views. Clickbait titles don’t help either— viewers will click to click out. Instead, draft those that grab eyeballs. The fundamental principle is to generate those that drive traffic. Match them with the content style and format based on the message. They could be:

  • Motivational or inspirational videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Branding or Conversion Video.

Title the video to indicate its content. For instance, if it is a video to promote YouTube channels, title it as —10 fun ways to grow your YouTube channel subscriber. Similarly, an educational travel video with the title, a guide to create travel highlight videos will attract more traffic.

Don’t just think of something to add to the title of your upload. Stop thinking about it. Look for a headline of 41 to 70 characters. Use tools to analyze your headline to foster the growth of your YouTube Channel. Weave it around target keywords. And finally, for the viewer to find your video, tag it.

Personalized Thumbnails

Catchy titles and customized thumbnails go hand in hand to give you more views on YouTube. Although it seems small, it is of great importance because YouTube displays them on the sidebar. Content with attractive thumbnails gets more views than the ones without it.

Although the video content isn’t of excellent quality, it may continue to do well only because it has a great title and a thumbnail to match. Craft a thumbnail with eye-catching images, large text, and highlighted parts to achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Here’s how you can make thumbnails that get views:

  • Use simple and easy-to-understand text to introduce video content.
  • Let them recognize you by the logo that you embed on the bottom corner of the thumbnail.
  • Use bright and complementary shades of color.
  • Be consistent with the theme, layout, colors, or font for your fans to recognize your brand.

Promotion on Social Media

The best thing about social media is a cross-promotion on different channels. It is a straightforward way to get more audience and grow. Now that you have great connections on Facebook or Instagram— introduce your YouTube channel to them. If you do it right, they may joyfully join your Fanclub on YouTube.

Another effective way of cross-promotion is to engage with brands and your fans. Show them the respect they deserve. By engagement, I don’t mean a simple expression of gratitude or a ‘like.’ Let your replies to their comments tell them that you are listening to them. Converse with them. Ask them what they like in the video and if they would want you to improvise. Make them feel special, that their opinion matters to you. Ask them what they would like to watch in your next upload.

When your viewers know you are with them, care how they feel, and want to make it better for them, they will stay with you. They will wait for your next upload, and you can be sure to have massive views right from the day of the upload. They know you are listening, and they will return the favor with their loyalty. They will even share the video with friends.

Show Yourself   

Brands with a face are more popular than those without one. That helps viewers connect better with the brand. Personalize your channel by featuring in the videos. The whole video need not be about you or with you. But make your presence felt to affect and engage with your fans. 

Call for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a guaranteed form of engagement. Encourage new subscribers to hit the subscribe button as you engage with the existing ones. Frequently premiere new videos on your channel and increase subscriptions with each one.  

Build your Expertise

YouTube’s built-in algorithm (or machine learning) shows only the most relevant videos to viewers. You need to make sure that your video appears to your target audience. That’s why you must understand YouTube’s likes and dislikes. And it changes frequently. Be quick to know the change and adapt accordingly.  

And if there is one thing that always guarantees views and following, it is quality content teamed with relevant titles and descriptions.


How to make YouTube videos get the maximum views is a question that bothers many. Getting the word out concerning your video is as necessary as making quality videos. Follow the simple strategies in this blog to promote videos like a pro. 


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