What Is TDR In Railway?

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Railway journeys are an integral part of transportation, and for various reasons, passengers may find themselves needing to cancel their tickets. In such instances, the term “TDR” comes into play. In this detailed guide, we explore the nuances of TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) in railways, covering its meaning, rules, and the process of filing, all aimed at providing a thorough understanding for passengers.

What Is TDR In Railway?

TDR, or Ticket Deposit Receipt, is a crucial concept in the Indian Railways system. It comes into play when passengers need to cancel their tickets after the scheduled departure of the train. TDR serves as a formal acknowledgment of the cancellation request and is essential for initiating refund processes.

What Is TDR In Railway Pnr?

When canceling a ticket, passengers are often required to provide the PNR (Passenger Name Record) number associated with their reservation. The TDR in Railway PNR serves as a reference that links the cancellation request to the specific passenger’s booking, streamlining the refund process.

What Is TDR In Railway Pdf?

For those seeking detailed information or documentation regarding TDR in the railway system, PDF documents are valuable resources. These documents may include official guidelines, rules, and procedures related to TDR, providing passengers with comprehensive information on the cancellation and refund process.

What Is TDR In Railway App?

As technology advances, railway services have integrated digital platforms, including mobile applications. The TDR in the Railway app refers to the functionality within these applications that allows passengers to file TDR requests conveniently through their smartphones, streamlining the cancellation process.

How To File TDR?

Filing a TDR is a straightforward process that passengers can follow when faced with the need to cancel their railway tickets. The typical steps include accessing the official IRCTC website or mobile app, logging in, navigating to the TDR section, and providing the required details such as PNR number and reason for cancellation.

How To File TDR In Irctc?

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the primary online portal for railway ticket bookings, cancellations, and related services. To file a TDR in IRCTC, passengers can log into their IRCTC accounts, navigate to the TDR section, and follow the prompts to initiate the cancellation process and request a refund.

TDR Rules

Understanding the rules associated with TDR is crucial for passengers navigating the cancellation process. TDR rules encompass various aspects, including the time frame within which a TDR can be filed, the acceptable reasons for cancellation, and the eligibility criteria for receiving a refund. Familiarizing oneself with these rules ensures a smoother cancellation experience.

File TDR Online

The convenience of online services extends to the TDR filing process. Passengers can file TDR online through the official IRCTC website or mobile app. This digital approach streamlines the entire procedure, allowing passengers to initiate cancellations and refund requests from the comfort of their homes.

TDR Refund Rules

TDR refund rules outline the criteria that determine whether a passenger is eligible for a refund and the percentage of the ticket fare that may be refunded. Understanding these rules is essential for passengers seeking reimbursement after the cancellation of their railway tickets through the TDR process.


In conclusion, TDR in the railway system plays a pivotal role in facilitating the cancellation and refund process for passengers. Whether filing TDR through the official website, mobile app, or understanding the associated rules, passengers can navigate the system effectively with the knowledge provided in this guide. TDR serves as a vital tool in ensuring transparency and efficiency in handling ticket cancellations, contributing to a smoother experience for railway travelers.


Who Is Eligible For TDR In Irctc?

The Railways has canceled a train. In case a train is canceled due to floods, bandh, etc, the entire refund will be allowed when applied with a 72-hour margin. The train has a delay of more than three hours.

How Much Will Be Refunded After TDR?

In case train is cancelled by the Railways due to accidents, breaches or floods, bandh or Rail roko agitation etc – full refund of the fare of entire booked journey will be granted . Online cancellation can be done up to 72 hrs. In case train is running late more than 3 hrs – full fare will be refunded.

What Are The Reasons For Filing TDR?

TDR filing can be processed only if the customer was not able to perform the journey due to any /or the following reason: train canceled by Indian Railways, train running late by more than three hours and passenger not traveled, difference of fare in case proper coach not attached, AC failure, traveled without proper …

What Is TDR Rules?

As per IRCTC rules, TDR can be filed only in the following cases: · There was a change in reservation status from Confirmed to Waitlisted/Part Waitlisted/RAC. · The passenger has travelled in a lower class. · Failure of Air-conditioning. · Proper coach was not attached.

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