What Is Wide Ball In Cricket?

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In the dynamic sport of cricket, the term “wide ball” holds significance as a delivery that influences the flow of the game, impacting scoring, bowling, and the overall excitement on the field. Understanding what constitutes a wide ball and its implications is pivotal in comprehending the intricacies of cricket’s rules and gameplay.

What Is Wide Ball In Cricket?

  • Delivery Outside the Batting Area: A wide ball is a delivery bowled by the bowler that passes outside the marked batting area, out of the reach of the batsman attempting to play a shot. The delivery is declared “wide” by the umpire, signifying its deviation from the acceptable line of delivery.
  • Judgment of Umpire: The decision to call a wide ball lies with the umpire, who assesses whether the ball has been bowled within the permissible range for the batsman to play a shot. If the ball is deemed too wide for the batsman to reach comfortably, it is declared a wide.

Key Features And Implications

  • Extra Run Awarded: When a wide ball is bowled, an extra run is awarded to the batting team’s total score. This additional run is signaled by the umpire by extending one arm horizontally, indicating the wide delivery.
  • Re-Bowling the Delivery: In addition to the extra run, a wide ball necessitates a re-bowling of the delivery. The bowler has to deliver the ball again, and the extra run is added to the batting team’s total score.

Context And Strategy

  • Bowling Tactics: Bowlers aim to maintain accuracy in their deliveries, avoiding wides to restrict the number of extra runs conceded and prevent the opposition from benefiting from the additional runs.
  • Batsman’s Advantage: For the batting side, a wide ball provides an opportunity to add runs to their total score without the risk of facing a delivery. This can influence the outcome of the game, especially in close contests.


In the tapestry of cricketing rules and gameplay, the wide ball holds a distinctive place, influencing scoring dynamics and strategies on the field. Its significance lies in its impact on the scoreline, bowling discipline, and the tactical maneuvers employed by both bowling and batting teams.

Understanding the nuances of a wide ball adds depth to one’s appreciation of the game, highlighting the balance between bowling accuracy, batting advantages, and the ever-evolving dynamics of cricket as a sport.


What Is The Difference Between A No-Ball And A Wide Ball?

Both are illegal deliveries in terms of MCC Law. But a no-ball can be called under a wider range of circumstances and offers more protection against dismissal for the striker facing it compared to a wide..

Can A Batsman Hit A Wide Ball?

A wide ball is considered as a kind of delivery which goes away form the batsman’s normal guard position and he must not be able to hit the ball.

What Is The Difference Between A Wide And A Bye?

Whereas wides and no-balls are considered to be the fault of the bowler, and are considered negative statistics in a bowler’s record, byes are considered to be the fault of the wicket-keeper, and are considered negatively against the wicket-keeper’s record.

How Many Wide Balls Are Allowed In An Over?

Although this has not always been so, with overs of four and eight balls used in the past, currently an over must consist of six legal deliveries. If the bowler bowls a wide or a no-ball, that illegal delivery is not counted towards the six-ball tally, and another delivery must be bowled in its place.

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